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Most of the time I’ll be on my Instagram account, it’s also where I post the most immediate content (e.g. updates, progress on projects, links to new videos, etc). Contact me there through direct messages. I’ll do my best to reply to everything.

If you’d like to simply ask a question, have a chat, or even talk, join my discord! It’s meant to allow me to connect and listen to my audience as much as possible! I want to know what you guys would like to see in my future uploads as well as any ideas you guys have!


Emailing me is the BEST way to get in touch with me. I strive to check my email daily and (at least at the moment) I don’t have any spam there. For any professional or business inquiries, please stick to emailing me over other means of communication.

Whether you want to give me work, partner up, or simply chat, here are all the ways you can contact me to do so!